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Fitting and accounts


Insertion, usage, and care:

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Fitting and accounts:

How do I register or get an account to shop online?

User accounts can only be created after you’ve first been fitted in-store. Once you’ve been fitted and your insoles scanned, a ZeroG fit expert will help you create a digital account with which you can order pre-customized footwear online. You should receive a confirmation email reminding you of your account information on the day you have your initial fitting.
If you’ve had your initial fitting but have not received your confirmation email, please contact us at contact@zerog.online with your name, along with the date and site of your scan,  and we’ll be happy to retrieve your account information manually.

Where can I get fitted?

Presently, you can be fitted in the Finland at ZeroG’s R&D headquarters in Helsinki. To find the fitting location nearest you, please visit www.zerog.online/get-fitted.

How long does it take to get fitted?

The technical fitting process takes around 5 minutes to complete, however, with questions and explanations, you should expect your total fitting time to take around 15 minutes.

Why are your insoles not the size I normally wear?

Proprietary sizes in shoes vary, and ZeroG’s insole sizes are designed to accommodate the maximum length needed for any sports shoe you’d use our insoles with. As a result, the insole size you were given may differ from the listed size of some of your shoes or may need to be trimmed at the top to fit your smaller shoes' internal length.



How does this actually enhance performance? How does it work?

Through correcting alignment and reinforcing the arch’s natural spring mechanism, the foot more efficiently channels energy and reduces the impact force of each step. The benefits of this increased efficiency are both protective and performative: With less joint wear and muscle strain, wearers more quickly recover between actions and experience increased comfort over extended training periods.

What’s the difference between models?

Our Flash insoles are thinner, narrower, and lighter; they’re designed for agile activities where a slimmer insole profile is needed. We recommend these insoles particularly for use in sprinting, cycling, and soccer. 
Our Force insoles are full-profiled and optimized for endurance activities. They provide additional cushioning for long-lasting comfort, and are easily accommodated in shoes designed for the gym, cross-fit, court sports, or long-distance running.
We also offer limited editions for specific purposes and events, with the specialized activities and attributes for them noted in the product description of each edition.

What’s with the limited editions? They’re not on your home page (www.zerog.online/the-series).

Our limited editions are made for specific purposes and events, with the specialized activities and attributes for them noted in the product description of each edition. Naturally, only small quantities of each limited edition are made, and the editions available in the online store is changed on a regular basis.

Will you be making other product lines in the future?

Certainly! We are always testing new product lines and are open to developing new custom insole lines optimized for specific athletic activities. If you have a product line suggestion, would like to be informed of upcoming product releases, or would like join our prototype testing in the Helsinki area, please let us know at contact@zerog.online.


Insertion, usage, and care:

My ZeroG insoles are too big to fit into my shoe! What do I do?

The front-most portion of ZeroG insoles is designed to be trimmed to fit more easily into your favorite pair of athletic shoes. For the most exact fit, remove the old insoles from the shoes in which you’d like to insert your new ZeroGs. Use those old insoles and a pair of scissors to trim your ZeroGs to the exact size needed for that pair of athletic shoes.

Do I wear my ZeroG insoles with my old insoles?

As ZeroG insoles are designed to replace your old insoles, you must first remove your old insoles before inserting your ZeroGs.

How long should I wear them initially?

Proper alignment and support may be something your body is unused to, and as your body adjusts, you may experience muscle soreness in the first weeks of product usage. We recommend that wearers use our insoles for only 2 hours per day in the first days and gradually work up to maximally 12-16 hours of wear per day over the course of 2 weeks.

How long do they last?

Our insoles are designed to last as long as the athletic shoes in which they’re worn. As with shoes, however, over time, the cushioning will compress and the uppermost layers will show cosmetic signs of wear with extended use. These changes, typically occurring after 1000 miles of jogging, will signal the time to order new insoles for continued support.

How do I maintain them?

To clean, gently wipe your insoles with a damp cloth when needed. Machine washing is not recommended.


Sales, shipping, and returns:

How long will it take to process the order?

Typically, 1-3 business days. Most orders received in the morning are processed by the afternoon and are shipped by the next day.

When will I receive my order?

This largely depends on the shipping method you selected. In general, most insoles arrive within a week of being sent, and we’ll notify you when your order is posted. If you paid for tracking and/or insurance, you’ll additionally receive shipment details allowing you to follow that order and its projected delivery date.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept most major credits, PayPal, and within the EU, direct wire transfers. Additionally, if you are in the Helsinki area, you can also pick up your insoles for free at our local R&D center, located at Eerikinkatu 4, 00100 Helsinki.

What’s your return policy?

Customers may return items for any reason at any point within 30 days of the item’s shipping date. To initiate a return, a customer must contact us at contact@zerog.online within the 30-day product's original shipping confirmation; the returned goods must be received by ZeroG within 15 days of the customer initiating a return.

I ordered the wrong size / model! What do I do?

Just let us know! If it’s within 30 days of the item(s) being shipped, you can always cancel the order and return it for a full refund of the purchase price .

What’s your refund policy?

ZeroG will reimburse the original and return shipping on any item returned due to a manufacturing error or if a product other than what was specified in the customer’s order was mailed to the customer. For returns initiated for any reason other than the aforementioned ones, the customer is responsible for both the original and return shipping costs.


Other questions:

Where can I find out more about the products?

Please visit our consumer website at www.zerog.online.

Where can I find out more about the company?

Please visit our corporate website at www.zerog.company.

Where can I ask a question not asked here?

You can contact us with your question or comments at contact@zerog.company.