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Shipping and Return Policies

Shipping policy:

Customers may select the shipping carrier and preferred transport speed out of the options provided. Customers may additionally request insurance and/or tracking on their order. ZeroG is not liable for any items damaged or missing in transit from any order that was not insured.

Combined shipping:

It is always cheaper to order more insoles in a single order than to order those insoles separately. Combining shipping is 10-25% cheaper than ordering individually, with the exact relative discount depending on the shipping carrier selected.

Return Policy:

Customers may return items for any reason at any point within 30 days of the item’s shipping date. To initiate a return, a customer must contact us at contact@zerog.online within the 30-day post-shipping period; the returned goods must be received by Zero within 15 days of the customer initiating a return.

Refund Policy:

ZeroG will reimburse the original and return shipping on any item returned due to a manufacturing error or if a product other than what was specified in the customer’s order was mailed to the customer. For returns initiated for any reason other than the aforementioned ones, the customer is responsible for both the original and return shipping costs.

ZeroG values your business and is there to support you not only in your footwear, but also through your shopping experience. If you have any questions or comments, please refer to our FAQ page <insert link> or contact us at contact@zerog.online to let us know how we can better serve you.